motion sickness

Mar 16, 2009, 6:59 PM |

Hello my name is Catherine, and i'm a chessaholic.  i know the consequences of playing too much chess, but never dreamed that motion-sickness could be one of them.

Although i will admit that this may be the most fun way to be sick that i've ever accidentally stumbled upon, please kids: don't try this at home.  All that you need are two similar looking games where in one game you're playing as black, and the other, white.  If your pieces are arranged in similar positions in both games, and they are queued up one after the other, and you are staring at the pieces intently analysing the game.  when the new game appears it's as if the board flips instantaneously around, and the optical effect is visceral.

It's pretty cool.  i love to find ways to exploit the deficits of our senses.  this discovery, however, was completely serendipitous, and to be honest kind of a pleasant surprise.  like a good thrill in a suspense movie.