From dreaming To waking

Jan 11, 2009, 4:03 PM |

So lately i've noticed a phenomenon in my sleep processes.  It used to be, for the most part, that when coming out of a dream and bridging into consciousness that i would first feel my cognizance as attracted to the earth, slowly followed by the sensation of my extremities growing outward from my core.

Lately, it has been the feeling of gravity, followed by the sensation that my entire body could be pointed in any possible direction.  It is like my consciousness is a spinner on a board game with relation to my body just before i wake.  The pattern of the spin degrades in the same fashion as the actual spinner, the possibilities of where my body lies goes from 1 in a countless number down to 1 in 4 and then i'm jarred into my body lying before me... awake and unexpected.

Has anybody else ever had anything like that happen to them?  It coincides with particular dream states and there are spiralling seemingly interdimensional relevances between the thematics of the dreams as well, all flashing quickly along like the tunnel in 'willy wonka and the chocolate factory' meets the monolith in '2001: a space odyssey', meets gus van sant's deserts in 'gerry' meets 'tron' meets 'what dreams may come'. 

i would like to stress that these experiences are in no way exhaustion/dehydration/malnutritive/substance related.  Straight up lucid dreaming as it relates to the lines between consciousness is what i'm looking for.

much love people!