on a pretty regular basis,   i will be involved in a game.  after submitting my move, i click the green button, as per usual.   suddenly i return to the same screen, move unsubmitted.   no problem whatsoever;  i simply resubmit.

i do this 3-7 times in a row.  then when it finally registers, i move to the next game where the same problem may or may not happen.   I've tried to figure this out (via pop-up blockers, virtual memory, available ram space, security settings), but still the problem persists.  does anybody out there know the specifics of my situation?  or maybe experienced the same symptoms themselves?  Please no super-obvious advice on this one, i could deal without that because i wouldn't post an article unless i was super desperate and i'm frustrated enough already.

i don't mind if it only happens on occasion, but it seems to crop up during my most serious matches, and then linger.  sometimes i vacate and come back and things are fine.  sometimes the vacation does nada.  sometimes it only happens on games with particular players (in a roster of 20, 1 or 2 games will refuse to admit moves).  restarting my computer often has no effect.  my internet connection is solid.

is it possible that becoming a paying member could correct this?  if so... i may just have to succumb to the will of the website

ooooooohhhh great and powerful might spirit i beg of thee........