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I am the Rhizome

Dec 3, 2008, 9:29 PM 0

Every map, every theory, every heartbeat, every survival instinct, every emotional state, every posit, every posture, every projection, every pose, every statement, every definition, every reference, every stance, every supposition, every relinquishment, every apology, every state-of-being is only relative to stimuli that is familiar vs. unfamiliar, state of panic vs. state of calm, state of mind vs. state of body... we must all attempt to recognize our biological systems as the emergency response systems that they are and also acknowledge them for the innate protectorates that they are.  Every fact that anyone is privy to is simply a series of reference points familiar and relative to themselves and to the greater universe.  take what is tiny and extrapolate!  batteries are included!

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