Nappy Yew Hear!


I was wondering.  How many people on this website view each game as a contest, and how many people view each game as an exercise?

Is a contestant more careful than an exercist (lol, if it's not a word... it is now)?

Are contestants more exalted by winning, or more defeated by losing?  I think the latter.

I guess i'm just trying to determine the underlying psychological reasons why people play chess, but i think that why may never truly be determined.  However, the psychological reasons for how a person plays chess, i think, are rooted in one's perspective of the game and goals in accordance with being the victor or the victim.

Is the exercist more inclined to make mistakes because their intention is to improve, not to win? 

i don't know, i'm beginning to think this whole post isn't actually posing questions, but positing answers in the form of questions that are inherently critical of the winner/loser dynamic that governs a great deal of 20th century american culture.

anywho, i'm rambling.  on a different note, everybody watch twin peaks.  have you ever been to the black lodge?  i have, and apparently so has david lynch. watch out for doppelgangers.