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statistical anomalies

Dec 8, 2008, 6:12 PM 2

it is amazing how many statements, if not all, can be interpreted in a myriad ways.  it is also astounding how people hold tightly to their interpretations.  a lot of people protect their opinions like their opinions were sacred, vulnerable, defenseless children.  To open the mind to infinite possibilities and interpretations is a truly enlightening experience.  It has little to do with emotional responses and ceremonious loyalty to specific interpretations of words.  It has everything to do with thinking beyond individual emotive-pheramonal-physio-chemical response systems.  i.e. the immune system combined with fight or flight response systens and how they interact with the brain, with the body, from the brain, from the body, and all the interpretations involved with the communications in-between.  I think that ultimately to revel in the distinctions i've been describing is the heart of relaxation, and the support posts of enlightenment.  Thanks for listening.

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