the dollhouse

Apr 8, 2009, 11:16 PM |

I had a dream the other night.  I was part of a system, an institution.  In this facility we were constantly tested.  Those who tested well were put into accelerated programs.  The normal tests were done in rooms lit with gold lighting.  The advanced tests were done in rooms tinted a morose blue.

The tests kept becoming harder and harder, until one failed.  Failing is what the people who controlled the system wanted.  Upon learning how we failed, they learned how we were weak, and used such information to control us further.

The tests were not a reward, not an escape, not a step towards upper management.  They were designed to keep those of us who could threaten the system subjugated and occupied.  Of course they pit us against one another, attempting to eradicate any signs of friendship or alliance within our numbers.

Long dream short....   there is no way to escape the system.  The whole world is a grid, and there's almost no falling off it anymore as long as there is someone willing to look for you.   The only dissapearing one can do is to dissapear within the system, becoming anonymous, thus faceless.  It is a circle around a circle, a wheel within a wheel; it never stops, and it never ends.