the panthyochloric dynathynatron

Jan 25, 2009, 11:19 PM |

(everything i am about to write should not be taken seriously)

(nothing i am about to write should be taken seriously)

something i am writing may be taken orally

your mom should not be taken literally

please DO NOT take any of this suppositorily

creating new words is kinda kickassingly

unretrofiedly adverbally sycopathologically satiatingly

gratificationally lovingly


let's all create new words. 

don't listen to your teachers, your preachers, your parentally underfed leechers

just do it. 

emotions have no structure with relation to language.

language is highly (suspiciously) a uniform.

just try and teach your tongue something new, i dare you

and if people look at you funny, 

realize that we all fear what we do not understand,

and without emotional clarity, we cannot understand each other


we've got to get it together