the sunset limited

Sep 9, 2011, 10:44 PM |

I came here to discover things of interest, something profound.  Profundities aside, does anything spoken every truly transcend the uncanny nature of repetition?  Is there anything new or is everything simply a retelling of an old and faithful standby of reality?  Do any analytic rubricks truly clarify a physical aspect of nature, or do our human perceptions and the occasional need for complexity simply get us deeper into muddy waters?

I guess that i'm trying to probe exactly what percentage of humanity is a blind, instinct-driven force; the fraction that are driven in the same way, but while being well aware of the forces that move them can only be helpless tacit obsevers in the process; and the small minority that may be or truly are in some control of how reality unfolds aroung them, and truly capable of implementing a monumental global change that will increase the likelihood of this cool little biosphere called Earth being able to support life for the longest potential period of time.  God willing, maybe humans could even engineer some other ideal atmospheres within our own solar system.  That, and most importantly, i would like to know how to recognize that some kind of truly positive, long-term, life-nurturing change is in fact happening.

just another dense ramble about how if we as a planet do not regulate our growth and consumption we will spread like insects.  A devastating swarm devouring all resources, then dying off completely until the lands have had time to replenish, then coming back to do it ad nauseum until there is nothing left to nourish, is what we as a species could easily become.

greed is the average person wanting so much, while needing so little.  oftentimes people are in prideful competition with their neighbor for the ultimately unsatisfying prize of feeling slightly superior or more reproductively successful.  animalistic instincts for long-term survival created pride and greed to inspire actions of strength and security for our offspring, and in small communities with limited resources is the formula for success, especially when one is in competition with other species.  As a finite globe, populated by billions in numbers, acting upon these instincts has established a long term intraspecies fuedalism or shogunate that must be addressed before our entire metaphoric house burns down.

sure.  it won't happen in our lifetime, but I believe in reincarnation, so it warrants my observation.

ramble ramble, just bouncing ideas off of the wall, no need to take anything i say too too seriously.  i'm just trying to build some strong foundations of thought, in order to better myself over time.  may i be able to find the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the strength to totally overhaul the things i can, and the peace and wisdom to know the freakin' difference.

Love and Bunnies, C.J. :)