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What world am I in?

Dec 1, 2008, 8:49 PM 1

Recently I have come across very literal interpretations of language.  It seems that many people in american society personify a heavy emotional-literal connection to language.  A broad statement of generalization or categorization is taken by the individual as a personal attack. A literal homogenization of language as truth, instead of a representation of what exists is how i have seen others use language.  I have stumbled across individuals who view language not as a tool, but as a function of self-expression to be specifically defined.  Specifically defined within specific non-specified social norms that may or may not be defined by relativity to specific individual socialized idiosyncrasies seem to encompass what an individual may mistake for innate humanity within a recognized community.  This specificity does not represent a universal standard, however.  It only dictates that a social circle is congruent to itself, not a progression that could be extrapolated into and unto larger society.  It would behoove us all to be able to recognize this distinction in order to further establish ego-less, open, honest communication without reservations.  Peace lies within us all.  Keep on playing!

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