The nun who Checkmates!

See how the Sister is appearing to see something nice and juicy on the screen?

That shows the way I feel when I am getting CHECKMATE on you!

Other aspects of myself like male or female, age, and religion should not be seen from the picture.  This is the Internet!


  • 4 years ago


    Regarding the grammar comment, I am mostly just grateful that someone has noticed my humble Blog Post and appreciated it enough to comment on it. 

    I admit that I used an informal phrase, and it was in an attempt to communicate a playful attitude, by using a kind of street language or childish language when I put that phrase in. 

    Recently I have been slaughtered by a lower rated opponent who unleashed a Smith-Morra Gambit on my boody, so I have nearly forgotten what it is like to have the pleasure of checkmating someone.  Maybe soon it will happen again.

  • 4 years ago


    Tut tut, bad grammar! You don't "Get" Checkmate on "someone", you Checkmate "Them"..

    Sorry, but I noticed you're the grammar Nazi round here, and felt compelled to point this out for you..

    There Is no need to thank me for this ;)

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