Viola Jokes, Part 2

May 30, 2011, 4:17 PM |

Here i've compiled a bunch of classic Viola jokes. Enjoy!



A violist and a 'cellist were standing on a sinking ship. "Help!" cried the 'cellist, "I can't swim!"

 "Don't worry," said the violist, "just fake it."


How do you get a dozen violists to play in tune?

Fire 11.


How can you tell if an orchestra's stage is level?

Its violists drool out of both sides of their mouths.


You keep a cello in a cello case, a violin in a violin case, and a bass in a bass case. Where do you keep a viola?

Out back with the rest of the firewood.


The well-known British composer Eric Coates just wanted to entertain people with his music.

Before that, though, he played Viola.