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What got me playing chess = Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer

What got me playing chess = Bobby Fischer

Feb 2, 2018, 12:46 AM 0

Hi everybody. I first became aware that chess existed when very small. My father had an appreciation of beautiful chess sets and had a few in the house. The first set I recall seeing, in my entire, life, was a marble set. It came with a marble board too. Unfortunately, that set has been lost. MY father also gave me my first chess book. A very old English production wirtten by a Reverend no less! Its games were written in the descriptive notation, which as you know was prone to producing errors. The book was a surprisingly useful book of games explaining what the players were trying to do. A lovely and gentle introduction to the game. I first played competitive chess when around 9 years old at school in the United Kingdom. This would have been 9 years or so after Fischer won the Championships of the World! His picture and news about him was still in the media often. He intrigued me then and perhaps one could argue it was Fischer that gave me the spark to want to know more about this chess that causes political chaos around the world!

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