I finally quit Blockbuster!

Aug 3, 2009, 12:09 PM |

(This is the official resignation letter I turned in this morning that relieved me of the shackles Blockbuster had on me)


Dear Store “Manager”,


I want to thank Stephanie Moore for the opportunity to be employed by Blockbuster Video.  Unfortunately, due to the drastic decline in work ethic and competence since her departure, I hereby resign to my position within the company.  I believe that I will be better suited finding employment elsewhere.  At this point the profession of watching paint dry, and possibly counting grains of sand, sound more appealing than working at this store. The decision to replace Ms. Moore with a far less qualified candidate was, to say the least, baffling.  While the dubious decision was met with slight skepticism the new management was greeted with an open mind.  From the start, however, it was evident that the reputation that preceded the new store manager of bringing along a work ethic consisting of laziness and carelessness was indeed real.  In the time that followed mediocrity was made the norm.  Sadly, I take great pride in my work and set standards accordingly.  “Incompetent” isn’t one of them.  It is for this reason that I ask Ms. Graviss take my position and place it where she sees fit, or wherever it may fit, whichever may come first.  My resignation is effective immediately.  I apologize in the event that more simplistic terms were necessary for this to be comprehended.




Miguel A. Luna