Exploring Endgames 1: Basic Checkmates


Endgame skills are among the most important skills one needs in order to play chess. The knowledge acquired from endgames is critical in making strategic decisions in the midgame. This knowledge gives players a whole new insight into the game. In addition to this, a poor position can often be saved by outplaying your opponent in the endgame.

The easiest type of endgame to win is one where you have a heavy piece (queen or rook) and king vs a lone king. These types of endgames are important to know so that you can actually know how to win after you do get a decisive material advantage.

The most basic of all of these checkmating patterns is the two heavy piece checkmate.

The next endgame is slightly harder. White is up a queen this time, but the king plays an important role in this checkmate.

This last checkmate is also the most advanced. King and Rook vs King.