Another reason why you should never play at work.

Oct 14, 2014, 3:18 PM |

Yesterday I blogged a game of mine that originated from the workplace. It was a 30 minute standard game and I was using my app. Now, I work at the front desk of a hotel. There are "seasons" to it, and this time of year the business slows down enough that one person can work the front desk alone the whole shift. My error in yesterday's game (not that I wouldn't go on to win other games last night, for I did) was to believe I'd be able to play a 30 minute game distraction less. I had a clear advantage and would go on to lose as I fell into time pressure and dumb on focused blunders as person after person walked into the hotel to book a one night room.


It happened again. I was proud of this game through most of it; I was about 120 ratings points less as a player, so this game that was looking more and more like a win was bound to jump me up.



Mind you I generally just don't like losing; before I began to blog this I hit the chair three times when no one was looking. But to lose another clear advantage due to work suddenly blitzing me like the Steelers defense really ticks me off because it's slow season.