From Patzer to...

Nov 23, 2014, 6:38 PM |

A new series on a growing Chess life.


As some readers may know I attend Old Dominion University’s Chess Club, held every Wednesday, as much as I can. They hold rated USCF games there, often tournaments. My chief goal as a chess player is to improve as an over the board player in rated games. I’ve been chronicling my rated chess games as much as possible Here are my three latest games from ODU Chess Club. 


This next game is against Chris Cotnoir, common opponent, better record vs him. 

 This third game of my ODU Chess Club series in November was the most frustrating. A- It's against an opponent I look to as a rival of sorts. B- I maintained semi-solid play until I actually got a good advantage that I could feel. Feel it it my bones. C- I miscalculated and lost, and not I am slipping farther and farther behind in my head to head with him. I watch as his USCF rating jumps past 1200 and climbs...and I spin my wheels down here under 1200 and I'm not seeing the results that feel more and more like a NEED.