Modern Chess


I have gone to different Chess websites, but seems to be the site to be.  It is simple and clean and puts the fun back into the game.  I'm slowly getting into the site and looking at all the sections.  I'm a little apprehensive though in starting an on-line game (I haven't attempted to do it) perhaps I'm affraid to lose, and maybe the opponents are stong, and all these thoughts come in the foreground.

What is common to many great persons in history?  They play chess... this royal game.  While it's just a game, it mirrors the battles of life. If you still don't play the game, it's never late to learn and enjoy.  I'll mention two chess programs below but now I think offers the better alternative.  In Linux (I'm using Ubuntu), I use glChess where it's the default chess interface, and then download any chess engine you like, as long as they follow the standard protocols (default engine in Ubuntu is GNU Chess).  In Windows a good chess GUI is called ChessPad because it's easier to incorporate other chess engines and also easy to export to the web.  The engine I downloaded for this application was Crafty and I'm posting my game with Crafty below.  I resigned after only 29 moves!  I have to admit I'm a bit rusty because my last tournament was a quarter of a century ago.