Chess Teaching - Using Skype and

Chess Teaching - Using Skype and

Apr 24, 2014, 1:29 AM 2,467 Reads 3 Comments

Chess Teaching - Using Skype and

I have recently started teaching Chess on which is complimented with the screen share on Skype. This is an effective (if not better) way of teaching Chess as you get to see my chessbase and video learning content directly in real time, along with pertinent comments - Another unique area in effective teaching is my ability to play a 3 minute game with you and diaganose (Like House off the TV!) exactly where you can immediately improve (Guaranteed).

  1. My Taster - See if you like it and may want the 4 week taster
  2. My 4 week taster (Do this) - See if you want the 26 week course
  3. The 6 month program - Loop Repeat.

The initial My Taster is just £20 - email me now to book one ASAP -

I am happy for you to stop any time you like - or if you feel you are not learning - More Details at

I strongly recommend the '4 week taster' to save you wasting time digging a hole of bad principles - which a lot of beginners that play a lot of chess do - I can fix all this in 4 hours to take your game to a solid level.


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