Life and Chess

Jul 29, 2011, 9:51 AM |

  Chess is a wonderful game, a game that has survived the test of time. But why has it survived all this time? The simple answer would be: it's a good game. I know that would probably be my first response. But there must be a deeper meaning to chess. Lets look at the board: an 8 by 8 board with the same amount of pieces on each side. One could see these pieces as warring nations. But what are they fighting for? More importantly why are they fighting? Of course that would change throughout the centuries but there are always underlying forces: good and evil. If only the world could be that simple, but that is what the game is suggesting. The very fact that they are black and white (Yin and Yang) helps prove my theory. The origin of chess is unknown. It is speculated that it came from India or, possibly, China. The philosophies of these cultures strongly support this opinion. The reader would probably think this obvious, but think about what this means. Apply chess to life and you will see that this game is not all books and recorded moves. It is a game representing life and the constant struggle between good and evil.

This is my first blog post, coming from a person who is only beginning to ask the big questions. Please post your own opinions!