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"Crushing" Victories
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"Crushing" Victories

Dec 26, 2017, 7:29 PM 7

  Hi! this will be my first ever blog... ever! Thanks for taking the time to view! I know it is very sloppy... criticism is welcome! Today I will present my thoughts on a particular "type" of masterpiece


After viewing a chess game, have you ever felt "Wow, that was brilliant, and also amazingly satisfying!" (weird question, I know) For some reason, there is one "type" of victory which always make a huge impression on me (and make me feel "satisfied" tongue.png)


No, not brilliant sacrificial games with long king hunts (although these games always have so many amazing moves...)

I didn't annotate this as to diminish its beauty...

no, not one side completely annihilates the other with better understanding of the initiative and such...

Didn't annotate this either...
ok maybe I'm just being lazy wink.png

So, what game could possibly be better than all those, which tons of GMs consider to be some of the most brilliant ever???

I present to you: a Crushing Victory

Why the name? you ask?

well when viewing these games, it gives you the impression that one side is being crushed and cannot do anything to stop it... and when they try they are soon overpowered and proceed to be... well... CRUSHED


what it feels like to be on the revieving end...


This is the name I have given to those games where one side stops all counterplay (usually in a closed position) and proceeds to methodically maneuver his pieces to better squares (usually towards the king!) and eventually breaks through, all while their opponents have nothing better to do than twiddle their thumbs. Play through the following game, one which I will first present with no annotations. I encourage you to try to find the ideas behind Gelfand's moves...

Done? Did the game make any impression on you? Here are my (amateurish!) anotations on it.

(annotations based on those in Gelfand's book "positional decision making in chess")

take note on how it is important to take your time and to improve your pieces to the fullest before initiating the decisive blow.


   Another example is the famous Karpov-Unzicker game, which I will encourage you to analyze and annotate in the comments! as well as any other game that fits the description of "Crushing Victory" which I have stated above! or any game at all! (hopefully someone actually will lol)


Finally, one of my own "Crushing" Victories! (well actually "semi crushing, as I didn't really maneuver and it was rather short) obviously not a perfect game, and against someone significantly lower rated, but still a (kinda?!) (hopefully?!) instructive game


Thanks for reading my first ever blog! I hope i provided some educational content and wasn't too monotonous and boring... Any tips welcome grin.png

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