1700 now - hard fought


After this game I got pass the 1700 boundary in correspondence chess.


Together with many other difficult games I finally pass the mark, but I believe that I will face a long struggle in defending this rating.

1 year and 4 months ago I got to 1600, what a l-o-o-o-n-g time.

1600 now   6/27/11 at 6:44 PM

After this game I went to 1603. 1543 at 22 Apr,2001 was my highest rating.

I expect myself to hit 1700 at end of July, as I felt my ability had just blossomed  in the past few days.


Changes or achievenments during this period:

- Got my first and only rated victory in Hong Kong International Open Championship 2012, expected to get ~1500 rating (subject to Iteration). This is the second rated tourney for me, and I got 0 points in 2012 Asian Cup in China.

- Reviewed and completed all exercise of Month 1 exercise, materials of ICS

- Not fearing using white pieces as before as I got familiar with white Catalan and various black openings played against. No need to excecute the idea of 1.d3 -> 2.d4 to get reversed colour.

- Tactic Trainer peak rating 2000, though hard to get back. The tactics featuring "equalising", "defending" , "piling on" , "square control" , "tactic net" helped a lot as they occur more often but harder to spot in real games. The tactics generated from Chess.com member game are quite realistic thought the solution could be unclear without reading analysis or giving hard thought. They improved visualisation of weakness and improved also the ability of refuting strong looking but flawed moves.

- Finally settled down to Tarrasch Defense and got 16 ~20 move depth repertorie (normal for Tarrasch, the starting position is 10 moves already and there is a special endgame requires exact treatment- 25 moves is necessary)

- Got a great chess coach to fix my weakness and get analysis of my games.

- More confident in handling open position recently due to better visuallisation skills.

Hopefully I can improve a lot in the following year and get loads of good games, and get onto the next ladder.