My first OTB tournament (Swiss)

Jul 4, 2011, 10:37 AM |

As a correspondance lower class-B player I wish to play ALL BLACK due to the variety of white opening.

I had reversed time trouble in my game with 55 min remaining after the loss. (75min increment 30s per move) Here is the game with the non-engine analysis by my self:



The same position in the game from 8. Qc2 to 9. ...Nc6 only coincided with one game played by Karpov:

After I played 10. a3?! it is out of database move.


I am actually delighted for this game for the myth-busting experience provided. I thought I could think long before the match but I commited the crime of speeding as my fast-moving stronger opponent herded me back to the relam of rapid game. The hole in white opening preparation of KID system demanded my dire attention. Maybe I will soon learn the formidable universal Catalan that only not work for some opening.


The Fritzy version will be posed soon after my uncreative but sturdy partner done the hard job for me.


It was done now. I found some ghost in my calculation as well as refutation of some idea in my post-game analysis. I missed THREE chance of playing the live-saving key move Bd3 and the loss can be attributed to the shallow understanding of development in opening.