Tactic Trainer 1808 now

May 10, 2011, 7:14 AM |

Cilmbed from 1700 to 1808 now (TActic Trainer rating) Laughing

Really consolidated the tactic I learned before and improved the correctness in the choice of tactic or target (eat or kill or defend, or combinations of them) . I got a hard time as the question usually have several reasonable or practical option. Yet, you need to find the best choice. In countless times, I was attracted by the sexy queen but missed the assassination of the enemy leader.Cry 



my last shot

here is a nice stalemate puzzle I failed:


hope I can reach 1800+....... In slow live chess, correspondance chess, and hopefully in FIDE......

But I am 1400 only now...Practicing Rook and Pawn endings, Pawn and King endings,...I feel like a novice....