Stonewall Attack (Introduction)

Stonewall Attack (Introduction)

Mar 29, 2011, 3:59 PM |


Hello, my name is Grant and I have been playing chess for around 3 years since 9. I love to explore old but interesting openings. In the following openings, I have either taken interest in them or experimented games with them:

Italian Game

King's Gambit

Sicilian Defense

-Scheveningan variation, Dragon variation, Grand Prix Attack, Smith-morra Gambit, McDonnel Attack 

King's Indian Defense

Queen's Gambit

Slav Defense

Scandinavian Defense

Stonewall Attack



This blog entry is the first out of 6 parts. In this 6-part series of my blog, I will focus mainly on telling about the Stonewall Attack, my favorite opening of all. I think the Stonewall Attack is a very balanced opening for those who like to play positionally. Why should I be a common e4 player? I don't have to be. Instead, I choose to play the Stonewall for a better positional game. If anyone would ask me of my opinions of the Stonewall, I would reply: "I think the Stonewall Attack is an excellent opening. It's a very formidable attack that involves many other factors as well to create a nice, organized game." Hopefully, by reading this, I hope you're convinced you should discover the more blurry depths of chess openings (if you haven't already so much). Try and pick out another opening to try and play, instead of your old, boring-to-use opening because you've played it too many times. Try out a different opening! It's a very fun and pleasant experience. I also consider that many people reading this already have maybe 5 or 6 handy openings up their sleeves. But have you ever heard of the Stonewall Attack?


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