Stonewall Attack (Part 1)

Mar 29, 2011, 5:31 PM |


Hello, this is the 2nd in my Stonewall Attack series (Counting the introduction, but technically the 1st one). If you stumble upon this blog with no clue what I mean, then check out my introduction blog to my series. Anyways, the stonewall today is uncommon among chess players today so it's great as a surprise tool at a tournament. But I'm not that mean; I would rather have it be very popular, right? But sadly, talking and doing are two very different actions. The Stonewall has very big trouble finding a space on the surface while the Ruy Lopez, English opening, and more are what everyone's looking at. Because of the overwhelming popularity of otheropenings and systems, Stonewall is losing the battle on my side. I grimace as I think about this, but I too have supporters. The following members of also have a spot in their hearts for the Stonewall:


monsterking - I would have to say he's one of the best Stonewall players out there. Having great skill of it, he is the very person who inspired me to play the Stonewall. Like me, he wants to revive the Stonewall back to life. "The stonewall was once dead and God has told me my destiny. Bring back the stonewall to chess history. Me and my folowers will bring back this wonderful opening! STONEWALL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


jokerman13 - A good friend of mine, he also has a spot in his heart for the Stonewall. Though he isn't a fascinating player, he also has a positive opinion of it. "lol don't listen to what he says the Stonewall is a good opening."


janosik (GM Falko Bindrich) - GM Falko also has a strong opinion of the mighty Stonewall that reassured me that not all masters have a poor thought of it. "Hey, the Stonewall is a pretty sound a rock-solid Opening. It was never refuted and many World Champions had it in their repertoire. There are quite some important strategical ideas in this system, that both black and white have to know to avoid losing positions just without blundered anyting tactically."

 Last of all, me. I have a very strong belief in the Stonewall attack that none others (except for monsterking) has. Without my curiousity and interest in learning something new, I wouldn't have learned the Stonewall. I give myself credit for that (lol, I don't mean to sound selfish). But I have to give the above individuals much more credit.


On the next part of the Stonewall Attack, I'll actually get real. No more garbage-talking that you're anxious to finish. It will be time to actually dig into the Stonewall!!!!!! By the way, my friend monsterking has a group on called the Stonewall Warriors. Though it's very small and the forums are a bit inactive (except for my prescence and monster's), we have a very nice Stonewall forum to answer every question your mind bends on.


--------TO BE CONTINUED ON BLOG 3--------