Vacation to China

Sep 7, 2010, 9:31 PM |

 Starting at August 17 to September 16, I traveled to China to relax and visit my family. Well, life was different and I had many hardships as much as good times. Laughing Some people we met along our trip said I was lucky to be a US citizen, and I feel that way too. China's air is dirty, filled with so much smog I cannot see the sun a lot, people spit along the streets, urinate next to trash cans, and so on. It is very densely populated there, China has about 1/3 of the world's population. There's no such thing as a single house in China except if you're a billionare or living at the countryside. Everyone lived in 30-story apartments and yet many homeless souls sleep on benches. Everyone cared about money. I visited The Great Wall and The forbidden city. BOY<, did I sure miss playing chess. I am just typing what's goig on in my mind lol. Foot in mouth


Well, to sum up my words, USA is a lot cleaner and has a better culture most of the time compared to China.