An Attacking Game


Well it has been a while since I have posted...  Mostly because I have been receiving beating after beating on the chess board...  My son Jonathan, has really cranked his game back up after realizing I had posted his losses, and is really battling hard...

I played in my first tournament, and won one of the games, and lost two. I had a first round bye (arrived late) and so finished with 1.5 / 4.0 .   It was a lot of fun.

I have been playing more, losing more.  I had a great game today though against a computer on ICC.  Not much to brag about, but it is a higher rated computer than I am player, so I count it as a sign of progress.

I hope you enjoy this game.  As usual, much of the credit has to go to my teacher Joel Johnson, because we reached a position on the board much like a line he showed me, but because it came later, I actually even had a stronger position.  I probably frittered away most of my advantage, but still came up with a decisive win.