Chess from Brazil

Apr 11, 2011, 10:00 AM |

I am currently in Brazil on a three week missionary trip.  God has been good so far, the people are being blessed.  In a rare moment of free time I came online at to see if any of my friends were online, and yesterday after many months of trying I finally was able to meet my nephew Steve Garcia of Phoenix, AZ online at the same time that I was...  Actually I was searching for him, but he finally befriended me and I was able to catch him online.

We played a few games last night, which were very interesting we split four games and he won a fifth because my internet connection in Brazil fizzled out on me.  I have decided to post herein the most interesting game we played:


The second most interesting game I ended up losing because of time crunch, I missed a wonderful finish and ended up feebly losing on time.


I hope these games were of interest to you.