Observing London Chess Classic 2010

Dec 10, 2010, 1:34 AM |

Yesterday I saw one of my favorite players from ICC (handle Smallville) a.k.a. Hikaru Nakamura battle World Champion Viswanathan Anand.  The live comentary was so awesome and was made available by translation.  However, the comments are separate from the game moves... I have placed the comments inside of the game so that it is easier to read the comments as you view the game.  I hope you enjoy.

Shipov's live commentary on the London Classic, Rd 1 by MISHANP on DECEMBER 9, 2010 According to Sergey Shipov, providing live commentary on the London Chess Classic for Crestbook, Hikaru Nakamura was in dire need of a saw to rearrange the chessboard in his first round game against Vishy Anand. Despite the missing item the American still clung on for a very hard fought draw. Sergey Shipov's commentary in the original Russian (with a board on which to play through all the moves and variations) is here at Crestbook.