Quest for Grand Master

Dec 2, 2010, 8:42 AM |

So here I am, at 45 years old, with a crazy goal in mind.  I have decided to become a Grand Master in chess...  I know I am crazy.  Sure kids have done it in three years at the age of 10 !  But they did not have to overcome 30 years of ingrained horrible blundering bad habits of ineptitude.

After years of dominating everyone I could get a game of chess with, I finally discovered online chess...  To my shock I am not even a patzer...  I am totally lost against even the weak players online.

So, I have enlisted the help of a teacher that I met at Borders of all places.  His name is Joel Johnson, and he will take me as far as he can and if needed will hand me off to someone else...  He is the 2007 U.S. Senior Champion, and the author of the most amazing chess book I have ever read (I have read over 50 books on chess) "Formation Attacks".

So this blog will chronicle my ups and downs, because even if my progress is not important I know that if I achieve my goal I will look back and say "I should have documented my path".  How many times in life I have thought that.  I don't want this to be another should have, could have experience...

Currently rated about 1205 on ICC in blitz, and a 1398 in Standard.

I will be joining US Chess within 30 days and will use that rating to mark my progress, but I expect my ICC rating to be similar...

I played in a tournament and won only one game... Here it is.


I also played semi-tough against a higher rated player... but I fell apart making small mistake at move 7 and really blowing it by move 20...  Trying to complicate things and possibly win on time, but it did not work out.


If you made it this far, you might want to try a puzzle I did today, White to mate in three moves...