Results of Preparation

Dec 8, 2010, 11:19 AM |

I played a few games against my friend Joseph Carrillo the other day.  It was a blast.  The best part about playing Joe is that he is so supremely confident in his mental superiority over the rest of the human race that his face expressed the totality of his utter befuddlement as he saw his best laid plans demolished.  After the first few shocks of the first game he completely fell apart and major blundered his way to a first game loss...

The second best part about playing Joe is that he really believes I only think a move ahead...  I guess he hasn't realized that the reason I write down my games is so that I can study them and see what I missed and what I should improve on.  We played about a week ago, and he gave me three very tough games...  After reviewing the games I realized that I was not taking advantage of his mistakes because I was so intent on using my "opening." 

So these games I just took what he gave me... 

Here is the game for the world to enjoy!  



The second game was just as brutal.  We actually played it twice since Black blundered away his Knight and then claimed he had a totally won position otherwise.  So we replayed the game from that point on.  The next game is 2a and the last game I am posting today is game 2B.


The final game is game 2 revisited from move 14. Be3 .


Thanks Mr. Johnson for your help!