Saturday Practice = Sunday Success

Dec 13, 2010, 6:26 AM |

Saturday I had my 2nd ever lesson from Life Master Joel Johnson.  Man, is he a brutal teacher LOL...  I tried to show him some games that I was proud of, and he just tore through them, finally telling me not to show him any more because the chess was so bad he wanted to vomit...  

But man oh man, the things I learned.  Chess is a totally different animal than I ever imagined.  I have never given the game the respect it deserves.  The way I look at the board and the way Joel looks at the board is totally different.  I will have to UNLEARN before I can really learn.

I played my first game (non rated) against a quality opponent and lost... but the lessons I took from that game were that I was not totally lost on the board...

Sunday I played against my son Jonathan 30 minute games.  I was 3-0 !  This is amazing for me, because I don't think I have ever really beaten him before in a slow game although in Blitz I can more than hold my own against him.

The first game I was White, and took him completely by surprise.  He was so aggravated he took Black again, looking for redemption and played a good game ending in a pawn end game with Black being up a Bishop... I felt I had a fighting chance to win and played on, sure that I could at least reach a draw, and thinkingI might win on time as I had a time advantage from the opening play--- thanks to Joel drilling me like crazy on Saturday.

The third game I took Black, and on move 18. exf5 he almost blundered away his Queen, and was fortunate to be able to escape with only a lost rook, but the positional loss was to great to overcome and I was able to mate within a few moves.

I hope you enjoy the games, they are below:

Game 1:


The second game was a hard fought battle!

Our third game was also hard fought, but I felt I was in control the whole game.  Funny, my son felt he was in control the whole game, that I was totally undeveloped, and he was frustrated that he could never find a way to take advantage of what he thought were a lot of weaknesses...