Aman's chess schedule and quest for GM

Aman's chess schedule and quest for GM

Mar 1, 2017, 4:11 AM |

As I am writing this Aman is spending his last hours in Canada before he begins a pretty serious stretch of chess tournaments. Aman hasn't played a serious event in a while but he had a warmup event in New Jersey last weekend while the weekly Pro League has served as excellent training for high level competition. I've personally noticed that Aman has bolstered his training regime with books and sparring partners along with putting in more hours. The Grandmaster title requires 3 GM norms and a published 2500 rating at some point. Aman has one norm and has achieved the rating requirement so he is halfway there. If he can maintain a healthy psychological state throughout then he has good chances IMO. 


Here are the four upcoming GM norm eligible tournaments in March-April which you can follow online:


Stockholm Chess Challenge

Charlotte Chess Center GM Invitational

Grenke Open

Reykjavik Open


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