Pro Chess League

Pro Chess League

Nov 30, 2016, 8:49 AM |

Hey all,

Happy to announce the official roster for the Montreal Chessbrahs in the upcoming pro chess league. The league starts on January 11th with a $50,000 prize fund and you can find more information about it here

The Chessbrahs will be competing under their own banner which is very exciting news as it represents the first time most of us will be playing together rather than against. As captain of the team I feel quite confident that we have put together a very competitive roster. The main job now is to make sure we don't party or relax too much during the winter holidays and that we get some work done to be in shape for the intense rapid chess that will hit us right in the gut starting in January.


The Montreal Chessbrahs

Title Player FIDE Rating
GM Fabiano Caruana 2823
GM Robin van Kampen 2641
GM Jorden van Foreest 2605
GM Eric Hansen 2603
GM Alexander Lesiege 2521
IM Aman Hambleton 2441
FM Lefong Hua 2333
FM Michael Kleinman 2289
NM Elias Oussedik 2162


You'll be able to follow and catch all the action live. Make sure to connect with the team on social media:


Thanks for the support happy.png

Eric Hansen