More Bloging and Dirty Details. =]]

Feb 18, 2008, 4:57 PM |

well hey ppl, itz cool to know that there are ppl reading this, anyway, wats chilling????

i'm here to give out a list of my EX best friends secrets. i will give a little more every time i update my blog. your probably thinking, EW what a jerk, i wouldn't want her to b my friend. well, her, who i will call Mini-Me or M.M stole my boyfriend, dumped me and humilated me in front of all my friends. here we go. this will be fun.

1. When? Sixth Grade

Who? The principal and Mini-Me.

What happened? Well, M.M had a crush on our principal, who's about 30. she talked about how hot he was and she wrote her 'fantasies' on the bathroom wall. well, she also wrote in on notebook paper. when she lost her notebook, the principal happened to find it. guess what was on the first page???

more later.