Preparing for OTB Chess

Preparing for OTB Chess

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As much as we enjoy playing internet chess, over-the-board (otb) is an entirely different animal.

Let’s discuss some of the obvious differences.

  • Under no circumstances can you touch a piece without moving it unless you say adjust. This includes checking to see if you want to move there.
  • You must hit your own clock. Internet players always forget to press their clock after moving.
  • ‘You must record your move and your opponents move accurately. This alone will run some players away from otb.
  • You might be required to bring your own equipment. Now that you have spent all that money on your fancy triple weighted, duo-tone set, your opponent gets choice if they have the black pieces.
  • You can’t listen to your techno or any music for that matter. All electronic devices are not allowed.
  • Prepare yourself for an all day event. Gone are the days of just jumping online, getting a few games in and moving on. OTB events have strict schedules. 

These are just a few considerations that are often ignored by the internet player.