Traveling with eONE board

Traveling with eONE board

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I have been using the Millenium eONE digital chess board for several months now. I have played more than one hundred rapid games using the app.

I have decided to document my experience traveling with the eONE and sharing why one might choose to do so.

The first factor that was important to while traveling with this board is size and wait. The board is similar size to an iPad (just square) and a bit lighter. Actual weight and dimensions available on website.

As much as I enjoy playing on, looking at and touching pieces was how I was introduced to the game many years ago. I was thrilled to learn that I could use a traditional board without computer and still have access to a world of opponents.

At the current time, I use an android phone when playing online with the eONE. However, there are several other apps that pair nicely with the board for various other uses.

Let me know in the comments, what kinda things you are interested in learning about this board.