1000 consecutive 1-minute bullet games, in support of Breast Cancer research foundation.

Feb 10, 2012, 8:45 AM |

On 17 Feb 12 at 6pm EST (c. midnight CET) , something amazing is happening in the world of online chess.  One man, Bryan Bailey, a 20-year old student at University of Maryland, is planning to play 1,000 consecutive 1-minute bullet games – to raise money for, and awareness of, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation The event will be streamed live, via twitch.tv/goose0202 and, if every game lasts the full 2-minutes, that’s a mind-bending 33 hours and 20 minutes of adrenaline fuelled speed chess!!

Chess celebrities, such as Natalia Pogonina, Ray Keene , Alexandra Kosteniuk , and, Laura Sherman, author of Chess is Child’s Play, are tweeting to help support us! Chess website OnlineChessLessons.net and ChessCreator.com are lending their support, too. YouTube chess channels such as ChessNoir, JohnCenaa7, GooseChess, IllmaculateChess, ChessExplained, ChessCreator, and btr73186, have posted videos!  And, dozens and dozens of chess enthusiasts are offering to participate!

As amazing as this support is – it’s still not enough!! We want event this to be spectacular so, please don’t just read this article, don’t just watch the video – get involved! Please tweet, share and/or post this article everywhere you can! If you can, donate, participate, or watch the event. This has the potential to be the largest, coolest live chess event – ever, and you’ve got be part of it, seriously

This has the potential to be the largest, coolest live chess event – ever – perhaps even a world record – and, to be involved in that, even in a small way, well that’s an amazing opportunity.  The event is on 17 Feb 12 at 6pm EST (c. midnight CET), and will be streamed live on twitch.tv/goose0202, and raises money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For more information, contact Bryan, through GooseChess on YouTube. In the meantime, I am sure I speak on behalf chess enthusiasts – everywhere – when I say, “… Good luck, Bryan!“.