Chess: reflecting on the past, and dreaming of the future.

Jan 5, 2012, 3:21 AM |

Hi there,

The start of a new year, always feels like a fresh beginning. Often, we consider the previous 12 months – the high and the lows – and set goals for the year ahead. As such, it’s a time of mixed emotions: reflecting on the past, contemplating the present, and dreaming of the future.

In 2011, on the plus side, I launched a Chess blog, along with associated YouTube, Twitter and Facebook accounts. I also wrote some Chess articles for other websites, including titled players, improved as a player (ratings +15-20%, on average), and finished 2nd out of 150 in an online 2-min blitz tournament. 

On the minus side, my ratings fell short of my personal targets, and I also made precious little progress on my endgame technique. I played too much mindless bullet Chess, way too much. I read very little, starting and stopping, swapping from topic to topic, and failing to read a single book cover-to-cover.

 I’m still contemplating my goals for 2012, in effect, this will define my New Year’s resolutions for Chess. One thing is clear, though; that being, from time to time, I’ll be sharing various views, thoughts, etc. – through this blog.

 I hope that in sharing my progress or lack thereof, it’ll help me to focus on achieving my overall Chess goals. If, along the way, this encourages, educates or entertains other Chess enthusiasts, then that’ll be a bonus!

Best wishes for a great 2012,

Kind regards,

Stephen creating the future of Chess

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