Announcing: The Streamer Battle League!

Announcing: The Streamer Battle League!

IM ChessDojo

For some time now, armies of chess players have donned their most powerful openings, and rushed into matches-- often dubbed "sub battles"- to represent their favorite streamers and twitch channels. Now, 8 channels are taking this practice to a new level with an organized all-play-all league, dubbed the "Streamer Battle League."


Over seven weeks from October 24th to December 12th, these channels will play out a round-robin of matches. Each match will be contested in 3 different divisions: U1400, 1400-1799, & 1800+, with players playing two 15+5 games against their opposing board.

The channels will be agreeing upon a time to play within the week, so you will have to follow them to keep up with the matches of your favorites. The most common time to find these matches will be Saturdays between 10 AM - 2PM Pacific.


What do you have to do to play? Join one or more of your favorite channels' clubs, then show up for their matches.

Are you a streamer who wants your channel to participate? Let David or Kostya know that you want in for Season 2. (Spoiler: Season 2 will have more teams, and they will be split into divisions based on channel size).

Questions? We are here to answer them


Week 1 10/24
Hashtag v. AnnaMaja - TBA
Dojo - STLChessClub - 10/30 10 AM PDT
KimmyLiu v. ChessCoachNet - COMPLETED
Mechanics v. GM Neiksans - 10/31
Week 2 10/31
ChessDojo v. KimmyLiu
AnnaMaja v. ChessCoachNet
GM Neiksans - STLChessClub
HashtagChess v. Mechanics
Week 3 11/07
GMNeiksans v. HashtagChess
ChessCoachNet - STLChessClub
KimmyLiu v. AnnaMaja
Mechanics v. ChessDojo
Week 4 11/14
ChessCoachNet v. Mechanics
KimmyLiu - STLChessClub
HashtagChess v. ChessDojo
GMNeiksans v. AnnaMaja
Week 5 11/21
AnnaMaja v. ChessDojo
KimmyLiu v. HashtagChess
Mechanics - STLChessClub
GMNeiksans v. ChessCoachNet
Week 6 11/28
KimmyLiu v. Mechanics
AnnaMaja - STLChessClub
HashtagChess v. ChessCoachNet
ChessDojo v. GMNeiksans
Week 7 12/5
ChessCoachNet v. ChessDojo
HashtagChess - STLChessClub
AnnaMaja v. Mechanics
GMNeiksans v. KimmyLiu