Ultimate Sensei | Week 2 Power Rankings + Recap

Ultimate Sensei | Week 2 Power Rankings + Recap

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We are now a couple weeks into the first season of Ultimate Sensei and the students and coaches have been working hard! This past Saturday, October 10, we saw the Blitz Battle, a 12-round double round-robin event which would determine the 1st & 3rd seeds in the Rapid Knockout Final. If you haven't yet seen this week's episode, check it out here:

Ultimate Sensei Season 1 Cast, Format, & Schedule
Week 1 Power Rankings


You can catch some of the lessons the coaches have been doing with their students on-demand on their twitch channels:

Team Neiksans - twitch.tv/GMNeiksans
Team Perelshteyn - twitch.tv/EugenePerelshteyn
Team Astaneh - twitch.tv/Astaneh
Team Pruess - twitch.tv/ChessDojoLive

Blitz Battle Standings

After an exciting two hours of play, the Blitz Battle was won by KimmyLiu18 & MFabian55, who earned $200/$100 for their team and clinched the #1 and #3 spots in the upcoming Rapid Knockout Final.

Week 2 Power Rankings

After observing the players in the Blitz Battle, this season's judges (GM Jesse Kraai, IM Kostya Kavutskiy, & NM Sam Copeland) sent in new rankings, averaged out to determine the overall power rankings for this week:

The biggest winners include Kimmy, who is now tied with Mitch for 1st place after smashing the blitz competition, as well as Michael and Jesse, who both went up spots after impressive performances over the weekend. 

Here is how the judges ranked each player individually: 

Coming up next is the Puzzle Brawl, which will take place Saturday, October 24, at 9 AM Pacific. Make sure to tune in to twitch.tv/chessdojolive to catch all the action!