Bobby Fischer - Life's Biggest Loser? Chess's Greatest Loss?

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This may hurt some feelings and break some hearts out there. If you have problems accepting the truth, a weak heart or live in a different dimension you should stop reading here.

Bobby Fischer is a strange eccentric being that has hated the world for a multitude of reasons since he was a child. I feel pity for such a person. To have such great triumphs in life only to be diminished by a psychological meltdown is so sad. His talent was second to none but his person was a sad excuse for a human being.

Did Chess Make Him Crazy? Or was he Born a Life Loser?,9565,1054411,00.html

I really respect Fischers' chess ability but I can't stand the man behind his game. He was, and still is so full of hatred and anti semitism.

 His rants regarding how he wished the terrorists would have blown America off the map were mind boggling.

I don't know why Fischer turned on Americans, it was the U.S. government that caused him his problems, the people were behind him. 

 I don't know about you, but I'd rather have my mind and my dignity rather than end up in Fischer's shoes, rather his state of mind.

Such a waste.