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*RESUBMITTED* Fischer Beat Down by Bisguier - 1956

*RESUBMITTED* Fischer Beat Down by Bisguier - 1956

Sep 24, 2007, 9:41 AM 0
Sorry about the diagram in the last post. Erik couldn't get it to work either. Here's a resubmission: Game Location: New York, Ros-Mem Tournament. King's Indian Defense: Four Pawns Attack (E78). Even the great Fischer had trouble as a teenager. In this game he is 13 years old. I actually had the pleasure of watching Arthur Bisguier analyze games last year at the King's Island Open. This particular game reminds me of games we've all played. We had a great position, we felt comfortable, we move, then because of a positional blunder we get stomped! Fischer got blind sided, kicked then smacked down in this one. Again, he was only 13.
By the way: on Instead of 2...Rf6 if Bobby played 2...Rf4, intending to meet 3.Ne3 (or 3.Nc3
) with 3...Rd4 he should have won.

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