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You Play Chess Like A Wussy!

You Play Chess Like A Wussy!

Sep 6, 2007, 12:39 PM 10



That's right. You know who you are and you know exactly who I'm writing about. ME! I've been told that by several people recently that I CRUSHED!!!! Know what I've got to say to that, Whaaaaaaa!!!! Cry all you like but guess what???? I got the point. I try to play chess carefully and positionally. I gain small advantages until I can create a large one. I don't even know what you mean by "play like a wuss" anyways. Because I don't mindlessly push all of my pawns to the center then recklessly for no apparent reason sack my Bishop I play like a weak person? Check the score all of you people that are complaining about my boring play! I'm way ahead of you.

The problem is that you lack the capacity to understand the logic of development, space and time. All you understand is trying to "ape" people in the opening. That may be fine for your weekend blitz but guess what, IT WON'T WORK HERE!

C'mon! Use your brain. You may be able to sac two pawns against a weak rated opponent but to give me two pawns even if you are 100-200 points better is playing "hope chess".

Does anybody know what playing chess like a wuss really is? Or, is that a cop out for players that don't know what they're doing?

My new motto is: 

 "I'd rather win slow than lose fast!" 

So if you'd like a little cheese with that whine just give me a shout.


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