Juga's Chess Contest - Win A πŸ’Ž Membership
Win a diamond membership and have your game featured in my new music video

Juga's Chess Contest - Win A πŸ’Ž Membership


Dear chess lovers, I have a new chess song and music video coming! It's called "Open Files," a sexy animation design video, telling a story which takes place at the Greek island, Santorini. and I want to invite you to send us your own chess game and participate to win a 1-year diamond membership !

The video will look like this!

In the contest, we will choose four chess positions from the games you submit in which the power of open files is best represented, and in which you won by taking advantage of your opponent's weakness on the back rank

The best four chess positions will be featured in my music video "Open Files" inspired by Aron Nimzowitsch classic Chess Book "My System" chapter on open files. This music video will be released at Judit Polgar's Global Chess Festival, October 10th.

Participating is very easy! Submit your position in the comments section of this Blog, before September 8th. Winners will be announced by September 15th.

Include the whole game, your opponent's name, your username and the date.

Also include a screen capture of the chessboard with the key position of the game

to be represented in the video. The game must have been played online on the website.

Best of luck! Juga

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