My Chess song with Anish Giri about Nakamura & the PogChamps
Let me tell you the story behind it...

My Chess song with Anish Giri about Nakamura & the PogChamps


I made my first music collaboration with a GM!  Check it out:

It's a Chess version of LP's song 'Lost on You',

Lyrics were adapted by GM Anish Giri, and it talks about

Hikaru's recent victory over Magnus at Lindores Abbey Semi Finals 

(Magnus Carlsen Invitational). 

...will they remember all Chess Drama they came from?

It's also inspired by's Pog Champs Tournament

and Hikaru bringing Twitch Gamers to Chess,

which is a really cool and creative way of 'growing the game'.

You were tough and then he lost to you!

The idea of making a Chess cover with Anish came to me like this:

You Better Resign was premiered at 'Online Nations Cup' with a Live interview.

After I released my original Chess song 'You Better Resign' at

'Online Nations Cup', Anish kindly shared my song on Instagram,

already teasing me with an advice based on the topic of my song!

Then, the real trolling came!

Few weeks ago when I released my Ed Sheeran Chess cover 

'Thinking MVL' with Chess lyrics of my own, inspired by

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. 

Anish came up immediately with a new lyrics version of my Chess version

on Twitter! Dedicated to troll his friend GM Laurent Fressinet!

And I replied 

Anish's Lyrics dedicated to Fressinet: 

So funny!

Good thing was MVL liked my song, replied to me on Twitter and invited his Instagram followers to watch it, saying: "I endorse it!"

This encouraged me to make a new Chess cover collaboration,

like the one I did first with my close friend IM Anna Rudolf,

a cover of Camila Cabello's hit 'Havana',

telling the story of World Chess Championship in London.

You may have heard about our 'Caruana Oh nana', feat. Anna Chess rapping!

So I took my chances and wrote a direct message to Anish,

whom I haven't met personally, but once we took this picture at

Tata Steel Chess Tournament back in 2018.

With GM Anish Giri, legend GM Judit Polgar and this wig I won't ever use again! LOL

The mystical Tata Steel Gong, celebrating 80 years!
I asked Anish, since I admire his sharp style, witty humour

and such song lyrics were already flowing naturally for him,

what if we picked up a song we both like and adapted the lyrics

to a Chess story... and he said yes!

I proposed 2 songs: the LP song we did, and also 'Kiss from a Rose', by Seal (Batman Soundtrack).
He chose LP, great choice!

We agreed on the topic: the Nakamura - Carlsen Chess Drama,

and this was happening during the second day of the 3-days-long

tight Lindores Match.

Next day Nakamura beat Carlsen, and lyrics flowed for Anish very fast!

After 5 emails polishing lyrics details back and forth, our song was ready!

Those days I was interviewed about my Chess Songs by Chess24 Italy,

but I kept the song we were making as a secret 

Though I Iike Dubov's style, I was rooting for Hikaru!

Then I filmed with a friend who beautifully recorded video

and audio Live. I directed the video myself, and chose Budapest's

majestic 'Heroes Square' as the perfect location.

Can you recognize this winning position? 

It's really cool to see Top grandmasters willing to share their knowledge

and charisma in such a generous way.

This was so much fun to do!

Thank you Anish for putting such positive energy

on this creative experiment to bring Chess and Music together

in a new fun way.

And thank you GM Hikaru and Pog Champs for the inspiration!



Now some funny anecdotes:


Starring Agadmator and Nakamura as in 'Planet of the Apes'

Only days ago, I watched this hilarious Simpsons Chess Parody made by

an Agadmator follower, staring: 

Nakamura, Pog Champs, Agadmator, WFM Alexandra Botez,

elitism in Chess and ignoring the haters!

I was laughing so hard, it took me long time before realising I was in it

It features World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen as Bart Simpson,

GM Ben Finegold as Homero, IM Lawrence Trent as Marge,

and me as Lisa Simpson! ( an honour, jaja!)

Turns out that this comedy master really likes my Chess songs,

and posted this the day we released the song!

This man is the creator of the Dr. Hikarus Simpson Chess Parody!

Here is Nakamura's reaction to the Simpsons video:

I also made a version with captions and subtitles on my social media

for people outside Chess to understand it better, watch here.

And last but not least...  The day I met Rock Star LP!

My happy face says it all, LP rocks !

Back at World Chess Championship in London November 2018, when I released my "Isolated Pawn" song 

I ran into LP (Laura Pergolizzi) herself at the venue's hotel!

Yea I did some fangirling to her... we talked for a while

and I told her how I was writing songs about Chess!

She replied, in her chill style: "Wow meeeeen, thats sick!"

I took that as a compliment

Anna's video of us walking in London, while I'm singing LP! Click here to watch

Hope you enjoy!

Love, Juga