13-Year-Old Brewington Hardaway Earns Second IM Norm!
Photo courtesy of the Hardaway Family and IM Alex Ostrovskiy / Brew with organizer outside the Marshall Chess Club in NY, Brew concentrating on his game.

13-Year-Old Brewington Hardaway Earns Second IM Norm!

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What a week for FM Brewington Hardaway! The 13-year-old chess prodigy earned his second International Master norm at the Marshall Chess Club NYC Winter IM Invitational on Sunday, February 26, 2023.

At the start of the tournament, Hardaway took the lead, winning three consecutive games. In the last round, Hardaway played against FM Alice Lee, another brilliant ChessKid star, competing for her third IM norm. 

Brewington Hardaway playing against Alice Lee.
Photo courtesy of Greg Keener / Hardaway playing against Lee in Round 9.

It was a tough game that ended in a draw. Lee declined Hardaway's draw offer twice before accepting the third. Her strong will and determination placed her among the top five players in the tournament! --Congratulations, Alice!

Full game and results of the Marshall Chess Club IM event, 2023.

Hardaway finished with an outstanding score of 7/9 points! A month prior, the young chess master achieved his first IM norm with a score of 6/9 points. --Congratulations, Brew!

His thoughts on his recent achievement:

Every time I have a strong performance, it shows me that I can really become one of the best. And seeing my work and preparation pay off, it motivates me to work more so that I can keep thriving.

--Brewington Hardaway

Additional Information:

Brew will be competing at the NY State Scholastic Chess Championship on March 11-12, 2023. Catch live updates on