Become a Puzzle MAYven! Are You Competing?
We're unlocking all of the puzzles on ChessKid for two weeks! Join Puzzle MAYven to learn, or join to compete.

Become a Puzzle MAYven! Are You Competing?

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Do your kids love chess puzzles? ChessKid has a TON of puzzles on on our website (about the same as And now, we're making them free for everyone to try them! 

It has been incredible to see ChessKid used as a lifeline to connect students at home with their teachers, coaches, and friends. We want to continue the learning by making our puzzle feature available for more students to try.

Puzzles are a useful feature to help take your skills to the next level. Learning to avoid tactical mistakes can help elevate the pattern recognition of beginners at a faster rate. Puzzle MAYven is a great way for ChessKids at home to hone some of their skills if they are out of practice or want a new challenge.

ALL puzzles on the site will be unlocked from May 20th forward, beginning at midnight (EST). 

Join to learn or join to compete! This event is educational, BUT there will also be a leaderboard. The leaders will be published in the days leading to the event's conclusion. If you win, you might just see a certificate from FunMasterMike in your inbox.