ChessKid Coach Spotlight: FM Carlos Mena
Photo courtesy of Carlos Mena / Carlos shaking hands with GM Garry Kasparov.

ChessKid Coach Spotlight: FM Carlos Mena

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ChessKid Coaching teams up with the best chess coaches and connects them with players looking to advance their chess skills. All coaches offering lessons on ChessKid undergo an extensive background check, ensuring ChessKid recruits not only great chess masters but also great people.

ChessKid is starting an article series, "ChessKid Coach Spotlight," highlighting some of these remarkable individuals.

Meet ChessKid Coach of the Month: FM Carlos Mena

Carlos started playing chess around the age of four or five. His earliest memories were playing with his grandfather and traveling to other schools or tournament venues for his after-school chess club. During the interview, he notes three influential coaches he had throughout his chess journey: Adolfo Pernas, FM Pablo Guerra, and FM Angel Perez.

ChessKid coach FM Carlos Mena coaching an in-person session with ChessKid users.
Photo courtesy of Carlos Mena / Carlos teaching an in-person coaching session with ChessKid users.

Approach to Chess Coaching

Throughout 10 years of coaching chess and encountering kids of various cultures, Carlos discovered that adapting to the needs of his students proved more beneficial than sticking to his original formula.

Carlos has been truly brilliant and inspirational for my son on his chess journey. He got him engaged straight away and improved his level quickly and significantly.
He also has been amazing with me, explaining my son's progress and kindly guided me each step of the way. I am very grateful for all his hard work and commitment and happy to recommend him to any parent wishing to take their child to the next level in chess.
— A ChessKid parent sharing her feedback on Carlos.

Advice for Young Chess Players

Carlos' advice for his students and aspiring young chess players is to take advantage of your available technology/resources, like Kids today can easily train and practice with other players, solve unlimited puzzles, watch video lessons, and analyze their games all at the tip of their fingers. 

There's a direct relationship between the hours my students spend on ChessKid and how good they get! — Coach Carlos

Shoutout to FM Carlos Mena for being such an amazing chess coach and taking part in this interview! Do you have an amazing chess coach who deserves a spotlight? Leave a message in the comments to let us know!

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